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The next Fire Trail will be held from Friday 29 September to Monday 2 October 2017 (October long weekend). The 2017 route is currently in testing stage, and weaves through an interesting blend of sealed and unsealed roads that can be completed in any regular vehicle.

In 2016, entrants explored the mid-North and lower Flinders Ranges, passing through a number of previous bushfire regions along the way. We had a fantastic time and a photo album will be published on the website shortly.

Children (and children at heart!) will have the opportunity to complete fun navigational challenges throughout the trip, or just sit back and enjoy the beautiful landscapes unfolding through their car windows.

In the evenings, Fire Trail blazers will enjoy a variety of fun activities and events, and then camp in swags or tents on a grassed oval.


Teams must:
- Have a minimum of 2 members, with the maximum number determined by the seating capacity of the vehicle
- Provide their own camping and sleeping equipment (no camper trailers or caravans allowed)
- Pay a registration fee of $200 per team, and then raise a minimum of $1,500 for the CFS Foundation prior to the event

All meals (3 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 3 dinners) are provided throughout the event, so there will be a cost per person for food ($150 per adult, $50 per child). (Don't worry, there will be different food at every pit stop, and dietary requirements will be taken into consideration. Our local community volunteers are very excited to put on some great hospitality for you!)


Vehicle Criteria


The event has been designed so that everyday vehicles at road-legal ride height can complete the route without too many challenges. This means that you can use your family sedan, people mover, 4WD, or any other vehicle you currently own - there is no requirement to buy a vehicle especially for the event. That being said, the route travels across a significant number of bumpy, unsealed roads, so if you're concerned about getting stone chips on your paintwork, or your car has low suspension, you may want to re-think your choice of vehicle!

All vehicles will have a check for roadworthiness completed a few weeks prior to the event to ensure participants' safety. More on this in the Fire Trail Blazers Pack.


How does the event work?


Teams will be placed in buddy groups of 5 vehicles and use UHF two-way radios to keep in contact with one another; a great way to make new friends and ensure safety. Medical and mechanical crew members will be spread throughout the buddy groups.

Unlike other charity bash-style events, children are encouraged to join us, as are single parent families. For child safety purposes, those under the age of 12 will be required to wear a special wristband for the entire event, which will have the child’s name and guardian's phone number on it. While children will remain in the care of their parent/s, the event's buddy group system is designed to encourage team work and gives participants an opportunity to 'share the load' wherever possible.

A variety of activities and questions along the way will ensure everyone is entertained, and are designed to encourage all Fire Trail blazers to get out the car and stretch their legs periodically. Children who answer all the questions will receive a special Fire Trail medal as a memento of their trip.


What do I need to bring?


Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided to you. Ensure any dietary requirements are provided during the registration process. Should you need drinks and/or snacks throughout the day, these are to be provided by you. Tea, coffee and water will be supplied with all meals. Alcohol and soft drinks will be available for purchase at some venues.

As the nature of the event requires set up and pack up every day, our recommendation is to choose wisely when packing your camping gear. A full list of suggested items to pack will  be in your Fire Trail Blazer Pack after you sign up.


How do I fundraise?


After registration, your team will need to set up your personalised fundraising page via Everyday Hero. To do this, click here. We suggest you choose a fun team name!

From there, family and friends can make a donation via credit card, BPay, cash or cheque.

Businesses wishing to sponsor a team or the event can contact the Fire Trail team on 1300 270 278 for further information. 

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